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What To Expect From A Mystery Holiday

Mystery holidays are growing in popularity. The demand for city breaks to unusual destinations, on a budget, is growing more and more and the idea of a mystery holidays fits this bill perfectly – without you having to make any of the decisions yourself! I’ve always wanted to try a mystery holiday and when I […]

I went on a mystery holiday as a first date

I have a theory about holidays and relationships. I think a weekend away is the perfect relationship test; for a boyfriend, for a friend or a group of mates. Last year, when I announced I was going abroad with a guy I had been dating for not very long, my friends and family thought I’d […]

Why Madeira Isn’t Just A Destination For The Over 60s

Madeira has a bit of a reputation as a retirees’ paradise. It’s a popular cruise ship destination and as a result, Funchal is seen as somewhere to visit if you have both money and time on your hands. It’s a place perfect for walkers and flower enthusiasts but that doesn’t mean you have to be […]

Top Tips For Driving Solo

I’ve been able to drive since I was 17 years old but it wasn’t until I bought my first car that I truly felt the freedom of being able to drive. In the last couple of years, I’ve started to take full advantage of my car and plan more trips around the UK than ever […]

The Sky’s The Limit with Benenox

What would you do if you had more energy? We’ve all wasted a weekend because we’re exhausted. We’ve all struggled to enjoy an experience because all we can think about is our bed. We’ve all cancelled plans because we are just too burnt out to do anything. Sleep. It’s one of the few things in […]


Hidden Spain: A Guide to a Weekend in Reus

Just outside of Barcelona, lies a town called Reus. Most tourists only visit the airport, as it’s the perfect cheap Ryanair stop off to continue to Barcelona but the city itself is well worth a visit if you are looking for somewhere a little off the beaten track. I headed to Reus for a three […]

Essential Items to Make You A Packing Pro

I rarely spend a weekend at home. I’ve taken my motto to “never waste the weekend” to an extreme and my next free weekend is currently in May, which is three months away, so I’m one of those people who seems to have a bag permanently packed for a weekend away. That means that I […]

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