DIY Native American Headdress

Hey guys, today I have DIY fancy dress post for you all! This weekend, I have a Cowboys vs Indians party and I am VERY excited. The main reason (except getting to see all my old friends and frankly get very drunk) is the fancy dress theme and the opportunity to get DIYing and make a Native American headdress.
Once you have the tools and materials, this is actually really easy and fun to do, and I am going to show you how:

First of all, you will need:

  • A thick headband (which is sturdy enough to glue feathers onto)
  • Feathers – I bought mine off eBay, which has a colourful, varied and affordable range, and The Range, which is also great value. For this headdress, I used small red spotty feathers, larger cream feathers with gold glitter on and natural guinea fowl style feathers, but you can obviously use your own design ideas and creativity.
  • Sellotape 
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
1. Plug in your glue gun, add a glue stick and leave it to heat up. Then look at your feathers – I spread mine out to pick the best feathers and grouped the feathers which bent the same way together. I also connected my smaller red feathers to my glittery cream feathers by wrapping the stems of the feathers together with sellotape (as below). Now my feathers were ready.

2. Take your headband and get ready to get gluing! I started from the centre and worked my way to the sides, gluing my sellotaped red and cream feathers to the headband until I had reached as far back as I wanted to go.

3. Then, I used my scissors to cut any stems which dipped below the bottom of my headdress and checked all the feathers were secure.

4. After this, I could move onto my bigger guinea fowl-style feathers. I hot glued these as I did with the other feathers, starting from the centre and working towards the edges. Finally, I cut the stems which stuck out from the bottom of the headband and ensured all the feathers were secure.

And that’s it, it’s that simple. What do you think of the finished product? I can’t wait to wear it on Saturday with the rest of my outfit.

The great thing about these headdresses is, once you have the tools and technique, you can make a huge variety of styles with various different headbands and feathers to create the look you personally want. So there it is, an easy way to make your own Native American Headdress.