Access All Asos: Social Media School and Asos HQ

Last weekend, I was over the moon to be invited to Asos HQ in London for ‘Social Media School.’ As part of Access All Asos, I caught the train from York to Camden for a lecture on social media by Sedge Beswick, followed by a tour of Asos HQ:













Of course, we were greeted by some yummy treats – I particularly enjoyed the social media themed cupcakes – then ushered into the ‘classroom’ for our talk. However, this wasn’t your usual university lecture; we were given ‘Social Media Bingo’ cards to cross off topics once they were mentioned and ensure we paid attention – a great tip for all teachers out there, as I intensely focused on my card and was ecstatic when I won some Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Hand Cream.

We learnt some fascinating facts about the world of social media and its importance to brands. For example, if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world and over 350 million Snapchats are sent per day – that’s a lot of power to be harnessed! Asos of course are great at social media, especially with Twitter where you will be responded to almost instantly whether your comment is positive or negative. As a customer, this means I am far more likely to buy from them as opposed to brands which aren’t so responsive, and Asos really understand this.
We were then treated to a tour of Asos HQ. It was a dream come true to trawl through all the offices and studios, and we even got to meet some models and photographers shooting for the ‘New In’ section. How amazing would it be to work here every day?