A few weeks ago, I was invited to the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds by Halo Hair Extensions and Fabb Events. I arrived at this trendy venue hidden behind the train station, with the only hint for the day being Fabb’s hashtag #MyFabbHaloHair:


























Myself and a small group of bloggers were greeted by champagne and cupcakes (an excellent start) before being introduced to John from Halo Hair Extensions. He explained the history and development of their brand and introduced us to their signature product – the Halo. Many bloggers who were more hair-savvy than myself nodded along to this introduction, but as a complete novice when it comes to hair extensions, everything was new to me. I was fascinated to discover that the Halo is simply placed on your head, tightened with a ‘miracle wire’ and you immediately have longer, natural-looking hair! No damage, no clip ins, no scary glue – it really is that simple.

Hair extensions have always intrigued but scared me, thanks to all those horror stories out there and the fact that I am far too low-maintenance to bother with the upkeep required by ‘normal’ hair extensions. The simplicity of the Halo is therefore for me it’s main selling point – I promise that the fact I can easily put on my Halo in a matter of minutes, means anyone can! On the day, professional hair stylists demonstrated how to attach our Halos and then styled them for us. This was a brilliant idea because it showed quite how simple the process was, and gave me far more confidence to go home and try it out for myself. Before the event, we had all sent photos of our hair colour to ensure we received the right shade – a service which is available for anyone thinking of purchasing a Halo, and meant that my #4 Chocolate Brown 16″ Halo matched my hair perfectly.




We were generously gifted a goody bag, which included our now-styled Halo, shampoo and conditioner and a tail comb, which is perfect for combing your hair over the Halo wire. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the right opportunity to photography my Halo properly yet, thanks to the dark and gloomy weather, but I’m looking forward to sharing my next post showing off the process of putting on a Halo in more detail. In the meantime, check out Halo’s own How-To videos and I hope you enjoy the images from the event – especially these ‘transformation’ shots (thanks to Hannah Rose Photography and Fabb Events):
I felt like Cheryl Cole and couldn’t stop playing with my new, voluminous curls! If you want to add some extra glamour to your Christmas party outfits this holiday, check out Halo Hair Extensions as a fool-proof, user-friendly way to really make an impact. I’m certainly a convert!