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5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

I honestly don’t know anyone who claims to always get a good night’s sleep; it feels like a problem we are all trying to fix. Along with my new focus on a better work-life balance and my other New Year’s Resolutions, I’m trying to sort out my sleeping pattern. A great night’s sleep sets you […]

Never Skip Breakfast Again!

I am terrible at eating breakfast. I simply never make time in the mornings to eat anything, despite how many times I am told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I’m really making an effort with my diet at the moment and the biggest challenge for me (apart from resisting delicious […]

Fitness Friday: Hot Yoga with Hotpod Yoga

I love hot yoga. Yoga is fantastic for flexibility and the added element of performing yoga in forty┬ádegree heat brings this practice to a whole new level. It’s one of my favourite alternative workouts and I don’t do it enough! Hot yoga has grown in such popularity over the last few years, even small towns […]

5 Things To Know Before Your First Spin Class

Spinning is one of those exercise classes which inspires dread and the response “I couldn’t do that.” I used to think I was far too unfit and poor at cardio to attempt spinning but once I tried it, I realised that it is possible, whatever your fitness level. I wanted to write some tips which […]

Neopolitan Protein Fudge Recipe

Eating clean is tough and for me, craving a sweet treat can be the ultimate downfall. When Multipower challenged me to create a recipe using their 100% Pure Whey Protein, I knew that I wanted to create something quick, easy and ultimately tasty. The final recipe involves just 8 ingredients for three layers of scrumptious […]

A FitBit for your dog?

FitBits and other activity monitors are so popular right now – but did you know you can also track your dog’s activity? PitPat is a fun product which clips onto your dog’s collar and tracks their daily activity. I was sent a PitPat by Go Compare to test out with my dog, so read on […]

Fitness: Benefits of Body Pump

Today I thought I’d talk about my favourite gym class – Body Pump. It’s a pretty hardcore class which scares a lot of people, so I wanted to explain some more about this class and girls lifting weights in general:   Now let’s dispel some myths about lifting weights, ladies. Here are four points I […]

Fitness Friday: 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge

Today for Fitness Friday I wanted to share with you a great pin I found on Pinterest. I often use my Fitness Time Pinterest board for inspiration and and recording great mini-workouts to try out later: This challenge looks like a nice mix of sit ups, crunches and squats. Although squats at home will never […]