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15 Ways Your Blog Can Enhance Your CV

 After spending three years studying English Literature, then gaining a Masters in Publishing, this year I finally joined the world of full-time work. I’ll be honest when I say it wasn’t easy – I applied for a variety of different jobs and roles through websites such as Indeed, recruitment websites like Spotlight Recruitment and direct to […]

OOTD: A Slinky Summer Maxi Dress

Can short girls wear maxi dresses? If you type this into Google, there are 2.21 million results. Some of the headlines include “16 Trends Short Girls Should Avoid” and “Short Girl Fashion Rules” so it’s clearly a topic which short girls have asked many times before.

4 Tips for That Work Life Balance

That work life balance – do you have one? For me, I often remain in the office later than I should, work through my lunch break and check my work Facebook pages at the weekends. But am I complaining? No way. I love my job and I am willing to work as hard as I can to make […]

5 Beauty Tips for Glasses Wearers

I feel like I’m becoming an old lady as I now have to wear glasses – I’m truly an adult now! As a result, my make-up look has evolved to work with my frames and I wanted to put together some beauty tips for glasses wearers using some of my favourite products.

Never Skip Breakfast Again!

I am terrible at eating breakfast. I simply never make time in the mornings to eat anything, despite how many times I am told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I’m really making an effort with my diet at the moment and the biggest challenge for me (apart from resisting delicious […]

Immersive Dining: The Chambers Uncovered

Have you ever tried an immersive dining experience? The Chambers of Flavour describes itself as “inter-dimensional gastronomy,” created by Gingerline, and is a fascinating dining experience which before today has been kept entirely secret. Normally, the entrance to The Chambers of Flavour is concealed and diners must follow clues to find the ‘X marks the […]

Sticks n Sushi Review

A couple of years ago, I had never tried sushi. My family’s various allergies to seafood ruled out fish-based dinners and there was a distinct lack of sushi restaurants around Cambridge. However in the last few years, the mainstream chains have descended on Cambridge and I tried sushi and discovered that, luckily, I am not […]

OOTD: Ready for Summer with Bon Prix

The weather seems to be trying its best to bring us the sunshine. Yet however hard the British weather tries, at this time of year I can’t stop thinking about getting abroad and onto a beach! When BonPrix challenged me to create a ‘High Summer’ look for a beach holiday, I couldn’t wait to get […]

Fitness Friday: Hot Yoga with Hotpod Yoga

I love hot yoga. Yoga is fantastic for flexibility and the added element of performing yoga in forty degree heat brings this practice to a whole new level. It’s one of my favourite alternative workouts and I don’t do it enough! Hot yoga has grown in such popularity over the last few years, even small towns […]

Bad Brunch at All Bar One

I was recently kindly invited to review All Bar One’s brunch menu in Cambridge. As a late riser who rarely eats breakfast, brunch is my dream meal and I love spending a weekend catching up with friends over food and cocktails. Therefore I was really excited about treating my parents to brunch in Cambridge – […]