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Review: Marco Pierre-White Steakhouse

Cambridge is full of new and exciting places to eat and I love discovering somewhere new whenever I dine out. When I was invited to review the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse at Cambridge’s Doubtletree by Hilton hotel, I jumped at the chance to try something new in Cambridge. I have been to the stunning SkyLounge in […]

Never Skip Breakfast Again!

I am terrible at eating breakfast. I simply never make time in the mornings to eat anything, despite how many times I am told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I’m really making an effort with my diet at the moment and the biggest challenge for me (apart from resisting delicious […]

Immersive Dining: The Chambers Uncovered

Have you ever tried an immersive dining experience? The Chambers of Flavour describes itself as “inter-dimensional gastronomy,” created by Gingerline, and is a fascinating dining experience which before today has been kept entirely secret. Normally, the entrance to The Chambers of Flavour is concealed and diners must follow clues to find the ‘X marks the […]

Sticks n Sushi Review

A couple of years ago, I had never tried sushi. My family’s various allergies to seafood ruled out fish-based dinners and there was a distinct lack of sushi restaurants around Cambridge. However in the last few years, the mainstream chains have descended on Cambridge and I tried sushi and discovered that, luckily, I am not […]

The Cambridge Gin Festival

Two of my favourite words, gin and festival; put them together and you’ve got a special event. When I heard that a Gin Festival was coming to Cambridge, I couldn’t wait, and it seems like the rest of the Cambridge population felt the same way as the event promptly sold out. Luckily I was offered […]

Allotment Cafe at Novi

Before I start talking about food (and I promise that the food is worth the wait) I wanted to say hello after an unintentional break, which some of you may have noticed. I’ve now got a full-time job, which is wonderful, but it is tiring stuff! I have new awe for all of you who […]

Review: Whites Cafe Bar, Headingley

I recently popped up to Leeds to visit my brother and, of course, I used the opportunity to tick off another new place to eat in the city. Whites Café Bar in Headingley is a trendy café-cross-bar on Otley Road which grabbed my attention thanks to the beautiful images of food on their website so I was […]

Olive Focaccia Recipe

Olives are a divisive food; you either love them or hate them. I used to hate olives but I now love them. In fact, I remember a turning point in my teenage years when I suddenly liked olives and felt like I had become an adult! So when I was challenged by Olive It so […]

Coffee – what else?

A few weeks ago, I had a complete disaster of a weekend when my trains to Leeds and Manchester for a job interview and some exciting blog events was cancelled. I headed home completely fed up with public transport and quickly tried to make some alternative weekend plans. Luckily the wonderful team at Joe Blogs […]

A Snug Christmas

A few weeks ago, I was invited to another wonderful event at The Snug. You may remember my overexcited post about a certain gin-tasting event, so when an invite to try out The Snug’s Christmas Menu dropped into my inbox, I couldn’t wait to throw on a Christmas jumper and bring out the Christmas songs!  […]

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