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Immersive Dining: The Chambers Uncovered

Have you ever tried an immersive dining experience? The Chambers of Flavour describes itself as “inter-dimensional gastronomy,” created by Gingerline, and is a fascinating dining experience which before today has been kept entirely secret. Normally, the entrance to The Chambers of Flavour is concealed and diners must follow clues to find the ‘X marks the […]

5 Things To Do In Iceland #SendMeAway

I’m forever dreaming about my next holiday and for once, I don’t have anything booked to look forward to! When icelolly.com asked bloggers to share their dream destination, I couldn’t resist imagining my next travel destination. The winner will win £1000 towards their perfect holiday and a coveted Olympus PEN camera, so I wanted to share 5 […]

4 Tips to Travel to New York

Facebook Memories can be both a great and terrible thing. They remind me of great times with friends over the years but they can also induce some pretty intense wanderlust. This week, Facebook decided to kindly inform me that exactly one year ago I booked an incredible trip to New York and since I don’t […]

Discover Newmarket

I’ve lived in Newmarket all my life, but in reality I know very little about it. Growing up in a horseracing town when you have never ridden a horse means that I am blissfully ignorant about the most of the history and culture of the town in which I live. Luckily, things recently changed when […]

24 Hours in Manchester: Sleep Well, Shop Well

Last weekend, I attended one of the most exciting events I have been lucky enough to be invited to. I feel like so many of my posts start like this at the moment, but I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some amazing opportunities over the last few months. This time, I was invited to Manchester […]

A Weekend in Birmingham with Travelodge

As I mentioned in my recent weekend travel post on Southampton and London, I love any excuse to get away for the weekend, whether it is in the UK or abroad. I have only visited Birmingham once, many years ago, so when I was offered the chance to head there for a weekend to Travelodge […]

A City Break in Southampton and London

As you many know, two weeks ago I finally completed my Masters’ degree and handed in my dissertation. It’s something I’ve been working on all Summer and I feel so relieved, but admittedly slightly lost, now this huge part of my life has been completed. I celebrated the end of this chapter in my life […]

Snapshots of Paris

Bonjour! I recently blogged about why we need to think about what we photograph and why. Despite some of the comments I made about the hyper-tourism I experienced in Paris, I of course took a few snaps myself which I wanted to share today alongside my thoughts on the city. Wow, it was a while […]

Should We Just Put Down The Camera?

It’s a bit of a wordy one today folks, but it’s a topic that has been bothering me, so I hope you are happy to grab a cuppa and listen to my thoughts. As a blogger, I am a little bit addicted to taking photographs. You name it, I do it; photograph my clothing, my […]

How to Bag A Bargain Break

This year I’ve traveled more than ever before and all for bargain prices. I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve bagged four days in New York for £550, including flights and hotel, and a trip to Croatia for another four days for under £100 for both flights and an apartment. Next week, I’m heading for a […]

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