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4 Tips for That Work Life Balance

That work life balance – do you have one? For me, I often remain in the office later than I should, work through my lunch break and check my work Facebook pages at the weekends. But am I complaining? No way. I love my job and I am willing to work as hard as I can to make […]

FitBit Charge HR Review

FitBits are the latest ‘must-have’ fitness gadget and I’ve heard so many rave reviews about these activity trackers. I’ve been lusting after my own for what seems like forever, so I was unbelievably excited when I was sent the FitBit Charge HR by Debenhams to review: Despite how much everyone seems to rave about FitBits, […]

Fitness Friday: Dry January

After somewhat overindulging over the festive period, like many, I have decided to use January as an opportunity to give myself a healthy boost. I’m back at the gym, watching my diet and taking those all-important vitamins; none of which are unusual in the new year. However, this year I’m also doing something new – […]

Getting Organised for 2016

Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow? I really can’t get my head around the fact that it is nearly 2016! Today I wanted to get back into blogging, after a small break over Christmas, by talking about getting organised for the new year with the help of a brilliant diary and some colouring […]

Fitmas is Finished! Week 5 and Thoughts

Over the last five weeks, I have been taking part in Corinne’s Fitmas challenge from her fitness blog Slimmed Cartree. Well I’m happy to say that this week was the final week so as well as updating you on my progress, I wanted to reflect on the challenge as a whole: Image from Slimmed Cartree […]

Fitness Friday: Free From Snacks

Happy Friday! I have spent the week ill and therefore completely failed with #Fitmas – so rather than spend another post talking about my missed workouts, I thought I would skip this week’s #Fitmas update and talk about a completely different topic: free from snacks. I have already written a post about different cravings and […]

Fitness Friday: #Fitmas Week Three and Florette

It’s Fitness Friday! After a successful first week of #Fitmas, followed by a somewhat less successful second week, I was excited for Week Three of the challenge. Yet again, however, things didn’t go quite to plan: I started the week off with Corinne’s legs workout, as detailed in her plan. After skipping my exercise class, […]

Fitness Friday: #Fitmas Week Two

It’s Fitness Friday so I wanted to update you on Week Two of Slimmed Cartree’s Fitmas challenge. In short? It’s been rubbish! Last week in Week 1, I was really pleased with my positive start to Fitmas. Despite some busy days, I managed to fit the four workouts into my week and I was excited to […]

#Fitmas: Week One

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me talk about a blogger challenge I am taking part in – the #Fitmas Blogger Fitness Challenge, created by Slimmed Cartree. Corinne is a huge inspiration of mine when it comes to working out; she lives one of the busiest lives I know, posts on […]

Fitness Friday: 3 Times and Ways to Tackle Cravings

Recently, I’ve been making a conscious effort to improve my diet and get back into my fitness routine. I will be talking about my fitness routine in my next post, as I update you all on my first week of #Fitmas, the blogger fitness challenge created by Corinne. Today I wanted to talk about the […]

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