November 13, 2017

Activities To Try Whilst Travelling

If I've said it once, I've said it one hundred times - my motto is to "experience everything," so not only do I want to travel the world, I want to make those travels memorable. Visiting a new place is always going to be amazing but if you can also try something new then your trip is sure to be special, with a new activity or sport to add your experiences. I've got a huge bucket list of activities to try (as well as some I've been lucky enough to do already) so I wanted to share some activities I'm hoping to try on future trips.


1.Husky Sledding

If you asked me which activity was top of my "to-do" list, I would have to say Husky Sledding. I love the idea of racing with a huge pack of beautiful huskies around the countryside - and any activity which includes dogs is always going to be a favourite of mine! You don't have to take a trip to Lapland to try husky sledding either - there are plenty of locations in the UK like Arctic Quest in Gloucestershire. 

2.Hot Air Balloon Ride

I have *almost* ridden a hot air balloon three times now, but the weather is simply not on my side. Hot air ballooning is another incredible experience to try, both in the UK or in a more exotic location like Macedonia, but it is reliant on the weather. My Virgin Balloon Flights tickets have been postponed three times in a row now - so here's hoping the fourth time next Spring is my opportunity to finally try it!

3.Scuba Diving

I tried scuba diving a long time ago as a child and I loved it. I've always been a keen swimmer, so I'm comfortable swimming in the sea and it's probably the only sport I'm any good at naturally! I loved the experience of being able to see the incredible nature on the seabed. Ever since, I've been itching to go back and take some amazing underwater camera shots of fish, turtles or shipwrecks - I just need a hot country to do it in!


One I have ticked off my list; skydiving! I took part in a charity tandem skydive earlier this year and it was one of the best things I've ever done. Yes, it was terrifying; yes, I was sure I was going to die - but yes, I would get back in that plane right now if you offered me the opportunity. I skydived in Beccles, Suffolk but UK Parachuting has lots of locations around the UK. If you get the opportunity, do it!

5.Dolphin and Whale Watching

I went dolphin and whale watching earlier this year when I visited Iceland and it was such a wonderful experience. We saw porpoises and dolphins in the wild but unfortunately no whales for us. It was incredible to see these amazing animals in the wild in a way I have never experienced before. I'd love to do the same in Scotland and I'm hoping we might be lucky enough to see a whale when we head to Madeira next year.


Finally, coasteering is an unusual activity I would love to try. It's a unique way to explore a coastline with a combination of climbing and swimming. I love the sea and swimming so I love the idea of exploring the coast in such an active way and I want to give it a go! It's perfect for all levels, from families to adventure junkies, and Wales is one of the best spots to try. 

I love the idea of using a holiday to tick off a "bucket list" experience and I'm hoping to tick more of these activities off in future travels. It's a great way to visit more of the UK or a new country and try something different too. Which activities would you try - or are there any you think I should add to my list?

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