November 13, 2015

Do It Yourself Skincare

I do love a bit of a DIY and since I attended the Preloved Bloggers’ event in Manchester, I’ve been converted to the wonders of creating beauty products yourself. Combining coconut oil with coffee grounds left my legs feeling the smoothest they’ve ever been and I now regularly repeat the trick – although I now use sugar rather than coffee grounds as it’s easier to get hold of and less likely to ruin the drains! Today I wanted to share some other DIY skincare recipes and get messy in the kitchen:

Mira Showers wanted to show how easy it is to make quick skincare fixes from store cupboard ingredients and some water from the tap and Naz from Midas Touch Crafts designed some DIY recipes for me to try. First, I wanted to try a DIY Face Scrub, so I took some simple porridge oats and added some lemon juice and honey. I then mixed it with water and gave my face a scrub. Yes, it felt a little odd but it only cost about £1! Lemon juice is great for brightening and you can even add some cocoa powder for some colour.

I love making my own DIY Lip Scrub – sure, Lush is nice but, for me, it’s so overpriced when you can just do it yourself. I use an old sample pot, wash it out and add some coconut oil – coconut oil really is the magic ingredient for all DIY skincare! I then like to mix in some brown sugar, which tastes delicious, and some honey for even more sweetness and its restorative properties. If you keep it in the fridge, it’s sure to last and the coconut oil is a saviour during these cold, windy months. My Mum doesn’t understand the point of lip scrubs, but I think they’re key for leaving my lips feeling nourished and new.

It’s really that quick and easy to make a DIY face scrub and lip scrub – these probably took me about five minutes and used ingredients which were already in my cupboard. Have you ever tried the DIY approach? What are your favourite DIY recipes?

*This post is in collaboration with Mira Showers and the Midas Touch Crafts*