May 15, 2018

What To Expect From A Mystery Holiday

Mystery holidays are growing in popularity. The demand for city breaks to unusual destinations, on a budget, is growing more and more and the idea of a mystery holidays fits this bill perfectly – without you having to make any of the decisions yourself! I’ve always wanted to try a mystery holiday and when I headed on my Date Escapes adventure for a first date with a stranger, I also got to try my first mystery holiday with the incredible ATO Tours.


For our mystery holiday, we picked our dates, chose our preferred departure airport and filled in a simple pre-travel questionnaire. We had to answer one page of simple questions, including what kind of holiday we preferred (Nightlife? Arts and Culture? Nature?), whether we wanted a hotel or apartment, what kind of weather we preferred and anywhere we specifically didn’t want to go. And that was it! Peter from ATO Tours did the rest and told us we needed to be at Stansted Airport for 4:30pm ready to fly...

You Let Go Of The Little Things

I must admit that I sent a few panicked emails in advance of my mystery trip! What currency did I need to order? What time did I need to get to the airport? What would the weather be like? However, I learnt that actually if you have a card and a passport, you can pretty much go anywhere and get along just fine and it was such a fun experience to just go with the flow and see what happened.

You Realise How Much You Normally Prepare

Or at least I did. Normally, I know that I research quite heavily for trips. I’ve written before about using Instagram boards to find hidden gems and beautiful places to visit, as well as asking other bloggers for recommendations. Yet I also think of myself as someone who goes with the flow. I always allow time to wander and explore and I’m not a planner in the sense that I have a detailed itinerary for my trip. However, with our mystery holiday, we had no option to plan at all and it made me realise quite how much I do prepare! It was refreshing to head to a place with no preconceptions and just enjoy it for what it was.

Putting Your Trust In Someone Else Is Liberating

If, like me, you are normally the “travel expert” of the group, the pressure to pick the location, find the hotel and discover great things to do can often fall on you. Yes I love this part of travelling (who doesn’t want to pretend they’re a travel guru?) but the experience of letting someone else, who does this as their full time job, take control was liberating. Santander is a destination I had never heard of, let alone considered, but I enjoyed some of the best food I’ve ever eaten there. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I meet for a short weekend away with great food and delicious wine yet I would probably have never visited if I hadn’t enjoyed my mystery holiday with ATO Tours.

You Think You Know Holiday Excitement?

Imagine how it feels when you don’t know where you’re going! I loved the experience of turning up at the airport with no idea where I was going to go, only to open an envelope which revealed my destination. If you’re looking for a new way to experience travel, then why not try a mystery holiday. I’m a convert!

Have you tried a mystery holiday? Would you go on a surprise trip?

Thank you so much to ATO Tours for my wonderful complimentary weekend in Santander as part of DateEscapes with London based Clikd App. I’m now a mystery holiday superfan!