November 9, 2013

Fitness: Benefits of Body Pump

Today I thought I’d talk about my favourite gym class – Body Pump. It’s a pretty hardcore class which scares a lot of people, so I wanted to explain some more about this class and girls lifting weights in general:


Now let’s dispel some myths about lifting weights, ladies. Here are four points I think every woman should know:
1. Let’s stop all this worry about getting bulky. Have you ever seen somebody get bulky by accident? No. If you want muscles, you can certainly get them, but it takes a lot of effort, exercise and precise dieting – you can’t go to a few Body Pump classes and suddenly look manly.
2. Want toned thighs? Well, I’m sure you know the answer is squats. But the 30 day squat challenge? Pointless if you aren’t using some weight – it’s simply not hard enough. Using a bar helps you think about your technique, depth and you can really feel the burn. Not only that, but you see the results much faster.
3. Lifting weights burns calories not only during the class, but for the rest of the day. Cardio doesn’t do this; that’s why you should start your gym sessions with weights and finish with cardio, as you will burn much more than the other way round.
4. Yes, muscle weighs more than fat – but it takes up less space. So even if the pounds aren’t dropping off as much as you’d hoped, remember to keep a track of the inches too.
So are you now thinking about doing more weights? If you are new to using weights, Body Pump is the perfect place to start. The instructors are really supportive and will ensure that you are using the right weight for your level and your technique is correct. Normally in the gym on my own, I couldn’t lift weights for a whole hour, but the structure of the class means that the time passes much quicker. Each track focuses on a certain body part or move, such as squats, biceps or abs, ensuring that you get a complete full-body workout. The sets also change regularly, along with the music, meaning that you don’t get bored from week to week. The instructor will also make sure that you regularly increase your weight, which means that you are constantly progressing. Overall, I never leave a class feeling unsatisfied and I really couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to boost their fitness regime.
Do you enjoy reading my fitness posts? Let me know if you give Body Pump a go