November 20, 2015

Fitness Friday: 3 Times and Ways to Tackle Cravings

Recently, I’ve been making a conscious effort to improve my diet and get back into my fitness routine. I will be talking about my fitness routine in my next post, as I update you all on my first week of #Fitmas, the blogger fitness challenge created by Corinne. Today I wanted to talk about the diet side of my health kick and an important part I want to change – snacking.


For me, there are three parts of the day when I particularly susceptible to snacking – after the gym, during the daytime at my desk and late at night before bedtime. These are the time I want something sweet or high in fat, through either hunger or boredom, and I’ve found a couple of ways to tackle this with healthy snacking:

1. After the Gym
I love to use protein shakes or smoothies to stop my need to snack after a gym session. I’m one of these people who eats as I cook, meaning that by the time my dinner is ready I’ve already eaten half of it! I find that the best way to stop this is to make a protein shake to keep those cravings at bay until my meal is cooked.

2. At My Desk
I’m currently working as a Marketing and PR intern and I have discovered the perils of desk-snacking. Nibboxx* are a subscription box service who deliver delicious low calorie snacks to your door. The concept is similar to Graze, the most well-known snack subscription box, but with a low calorie focus. The box is recyclable and fits nicely through the letterbox, which is perfect when I’m always missing parcels, I particularly liked the flapjacks which were really moreish and much better for me than a biscuit with my cup of tea!

3. At Night
Another time I want to snack is late at night, when I’m craving a dessert and something sweet. I used to have a low calorie hot chocolate but I’ve recently discovered this delicious vanilla and almond shake from Maxi Nutrition. I simply add a cup of almond milk, a scoop of vanilla Promax, 10 almonds and a tablespoon of peanut butter to a blender and blitz it all together. The almonds and peanut butter are perfect for satisfying any sweet cravings, ensuring I get a hunger-free sleep.

What times of day are the worst for your cravings? What healthy snacks do you choose?

*This post is in collaboration with Maxi Nutrition*