October 24, 2015

Fitness Friday: Witness the Fitness

Happy Fitness Friday! Today I wanted to use a campaign from Microsoft to inspire today’s post, which incidentally is all about inspiration. Microsoft wanted to know what’s inspired or inspiring about my fitness regime, and I could even win a fitness bundle worth £1000 – as well as talk about a topic close to my heart.


For me, the question wasn’t what inspires me, but who, and without a doubt that person is my brother. Exploring fantastic countries, record-breaking athletes and my own personal accomplishments are all great, but I think the best inspiration is something close to home and ‘real.’ My one image which sums this up is actually two images combined – my brother and I working out together. As you can see, his press ups are far more advanced than mine but I love that he pushes me to work harder than I do on my own. He gives me the structure, knowledge and motivation I need to reach my goals both in and out the gym – as well as inspiring a love of weights.
It’s pretty useful having a brother who is a personal trainer and in his final year of his Sports Science degree. Thanks to my brother, I know that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating little and I’ve been introduced to the wonders of chicken from MuscleFoods and kale. I know that strong is better for me than skinny and to structure my workouts around performance based targets rather than beat myself up over the number on the scales – measuring your body fat is much more accurate anyway. I know that if I’m sad, angry or upset, a workout in the gym will always help because as Sam likes to tell me, “there’s no such thing as a bad workout” once you’ve got yourself there.
It’s also the best way to bond with one another. The gym is a huge part of Sam’s life and when he is home from university, it’s the best way to catch up with each other. For me, our workouts are as important socially as physically, because I get chance to catch up on what he’s been up as well as telling him about my life. Now Sam is back at university, I’ve been struggling with my motivation and it’s made me realise how much I rely on him to get me out of bed and down to the gym. He proves to me that any excuses of “my genes” “my diet” or “my job” are simply untrue – if he can do it, why can’t I?
I promised to share Sam’s Instagram as a thanks for letting me be embarrassing and talk about my little brother on my blog. If you’re into fitness, check out his account for lots more snaps and you can also get a 10% discount off Physiq Apparel using the code SAMN10.
If you want to share your fitness inspiration, check out the details of the competition here or please leave a comment below – I’d love to know what inspires you!
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