August 28, 2015

Let’s Glow

I’ve talked about my love of Leeds enough times now but I always love travelling there for events. I’m starting to wonder how long I can claim to be part-Yorkshire though as I haven’t lived there for over a year! However, when the lovely India invited me up for a fun secret event, I couldn’t wait to book my trains. The event? Glow in the dark bingo!

The event was held at Belgrave Music Hall, one of my favourite drinking spots thanks to its super cool roof terrace and the fact that it’s the home of Dough Boys Pizza. If you haven’t been, I would seriously recommend checking it out for a fun night out. For #LetsGlow, we were given a couple of rooms entirely to ourselves and the rooms were transformed to a UV paradise. We could get our face painted with UV paint or our nails done. I couldn’t resist going all out and getting my face painted, and the result was better than any festival attempt I’ve tried before; it definitely makes such a difference when a pro is involved!

We were also treated to some gorgeous pizza from Dough Boys and delicious fries smothered in cheese and bacon from Patty Smith’s. The alcohol was flowing and by the time I sat down to the first game, with my gin and tonic in hand, I was excited to play some bingo. Did you know that gin and tonic glows under UV light? Just another reason why a G&T is the best…

I haven’t ever played bingo before and I think the bingo player was slightly shocked by quite how slow we all were! Once I’d realised that the columns ran left to right from single figures to the 80s in the final column, it made finding the numbers a lot easier (thanks for not telling me this in your bid to win Corinne!) After a couple of games, we all started to get the hang of it and although I was too slow to call out on my full house thanks to a certain Speedy Beady, I did manage to bag some Soap and Glory goodies in another game.

This was genuinely one of the most fun events I’ve attended for a while; it just shows what a great time you can have doing something a little bit different surrounded by some lovely sociable bloggers. Thank you to Ladbrokes and India – you are all stars!

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