July 17, 2016

The Perfect Off The Shoulder Summer Dress

Bloggers as influencers is something I think many people, particularly the traditional media, still doesn’t really understand. Yet as a reader of blogs as well as writing my own, I see it in action daily. This off the shoulder dress is just one example of ‘influencing’ in action. When I headed to the Jaywing PR Blogger Brunch to chat all things SEO, marketing and monetising, I was lucky enough to listen to Hannah Gale talk about her experience as a full-time blogger. She was wearing this gorgeous dress and as soon as the brunch ended, I found myself heading straight to Primark and buying the dress for myself  – how much more influential can you get?





Dress: Primark. Sandals: Primark. Hat: Primark

I love Primark for Summer because for me, Summer is the season of fast fashion. I prefer to spend my money on great quality boots or a fantastic coat in the Winter, but in Summer I can experiment more with my style. Realistically, an off the shoulder dress like this isn’t going to be worn day in day out as much as I love it – it isn’t suitable for my job and because it needs to be worn without tights, there are limited days it can be worn thanks to the Great British weather. However, it’s perfect for holidays and at just £13, I’m sure to get my money’s worth.

I wore it here to wander around the gorgeous streets of Palma and it was perfect for a hot Summer holiday. It’s a great length for feeling glamorous yet cool and I adore the off the shoulder design which covers that not-my-favourite part of my arms. The elasticated and tie waist ensures that my figure isn’t lost and it’s the perfect versatile Summer dress – so thank you Primark and Hannah!

What do you think of the dress? When have you been influenced to buy something thanks to a blogger?