February 25, 2017

Swap Your Unhealthy Office Lunch for Soup


Back in January, I made my New Year’s Resolutions to get more active and improve my work-life balance – and both of these also relate to eating well. I’m a typical yo-yo eater, who swaps between eating well and then completely falling off the bandwagon. When Baxters challenged me to take part in their Souper Swap Challenge and swap my office lunch for soup for two weeks, I wanted to give it a go to not only change my diet but see how it changed my attitude to my lunch.



In my job, I’ve never taken an official lunch break away from my desk. It’s not something I’m proud of; I just can’t seem to drag myself away from my computer. There’s always another email to read, another task to tick off my to-do list, just one more paragraph to finish. I know it’s bad for me but the temptation to keep working is just too easy, so I normally munch my sandwich and carry on typing away.

Therefore, for me, the switch to soup for lunch had a number of benefits. Firstly, it’s a healthy lunch; filling, nutritious and packed full of vegetables. Despite my brother’s protests that “soup is a drink, not food,” I love a bowl of soup for lunch and Baxters offer a huge range of different flavours. I particularly liked the Hearty Baxters soups, which were filling so I wasn’t tempted to add a slice of bread and butter to my lunch and stuck to the soup on its own.

Secondly, the simple act of choosing a meal I have to heat up and eat properly means I focus on my lunch. Recently, I listened to the Virgin’s Live Life Better podcast, where Melissa Hemsley spoke about the importance of eating mindfully. Her words about our obsession with food, living a life where we are constantly thinking of our next meal, yet when we do come to eat, we consume our food quickly and without thought really struck a chord with me. There’s something to be said about eating with our mind on our food, not our emails or our next meeting. Soup is a meal you must focus on and taking that small break away from my desk means I’m refreshed to start an afternoon of work.

What does your lunch say about you? Do you take a break or do you eat at your desk – I’d love to know if it’s just me!

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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Baxters*