October 3, 2018

The Most Instagrammable Places to Eat in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is one of the trendiest places in Bali, known as a hub for yoga, wellness and clean eating. Bali is one of the places that I see most on Instagram and there are so many beautiful restaurants to fill your feed with. Thanks to Three Mobile, I could "roam free" with no roaming charges in Indonesia (something which is unheard of from most mobile companies if you're travelling to Bali) and this meant that I could use Instagram as inspiration on where to eat during my trip. If you want cheap and tasty local food, head to a Warung but if you want something perfect for the 'gram then have a read of my top four places to eat in Ubud for a healthy, photogenic meal.


Clear Cafe

It's easy to walk past the beautifully ornate round wooden door, resembling a Hobbit house, on one of the busy streets of Ubud but make sure you don't miss it. Leaving your shoes at the door, the large circular door swings open to reveal one of my favourite discoveries in Ubud; Clear Cafe. This cafe is a hidden oasis from the busy Bali streets with a gorgeous interior including a stream packed full of poi fish. The menu is typically health and wellness focused, with a variety of tonics, infused water and juices alongside fresh dishes. I chose the "Sunny Bunny" iced tea and Huevos Rancheros (which only cost slightly more than the drink) for a total of 80k Indonesian Rupiah, approximately £4. The food was delicious, packed full of spice, and sitting cross-legged alongside a stream packed full of fish was the perfect spot for a relaxing meal. The space was friendly and peaceful - yes it's "fashionable" and the menu doesn't have any local authentic dishes but this spot was one of my favourite finds in Ubud.



Another fashionable cafe in Ubud, focused on the "wellness food" trend, is Watercress. Many of these cafes focus on all day brunch dishes and Watercress is one of the best. There were plenty of dishes to choose from but I opted for the Chorizo Baked Eggs which were perfectly runny, rich and morish and packed full of flavour. The dish was also beautifully presented; perfect for that shot "for the gram." I also loved the iced teas with a lime sorbet float; the most refreshing drink to combat the humidity of Bali.



Bali is known as a destination for yoga and one of the reasons I chose to stay in Ubud was because of the Yoga Barn; a well known yoga studio which is one of the reasons for the huge number of wellness focused restaurants in the area. When I attended a class here, our yoga teacher recommended Kismet as his favourite place to eat in the town so I had to give it a go. He recommended the broccoli, but I couldn't resist trying the halloumi burger in a charcoal bun; something I have never dared try before - and what better to try it than in Bali for just £4.50?  Although I must admit that the bun wasn't the best I've tried, the burger was packed full of meaty halloumi, onion rings and plenty of sauce to counteract the drier bun.



Finally, the most pretentious but also probably the most "Instagrammable" cafe of them all, Mudra. I can't pretend that I was a fan of the passive aggressive tone of the menu, which on the first page claims "since we don't just throw dead animals on a fire, please allow us a little more time to make your food fresh from scratch." The cafe itself is also pretentious as hell with dismissive staff, a black sand floor (which I managed to spread everywhere!) and only room for 15 people. Luckily, the food is good and the smoothie bowls stand out as one of the prettiest meals I've ever had, which surprised me with how tasty it was too. I chose the Phoenix Bowl, packed full of coconut, banana, jackfruit, mango, strawberries and chia seeds in a beautiful pattern. I wasn't expecting to feel so full from a bowl of fruit but I genuinely struggled to finish it and my lemongrass and mango drink was also delicious. Head here for the food, not the service or ambiance!


All in all, Ubud is packed full of an amazing range of places to eat, offering food which is not only fresh and delicious but beautifully presented. My favourite find was Clear Cafe, closely followed by Watercress, but there are definitely many more places to explore for a meal perfect for both your tastebuds and your camera!