August 17, 2016

5 Alternatives to Hotels

There are many reasons to avoid a hotel when travelling; first and foremost, hotels are pricey and there are much cheaper alternatives to consider when you travel either abroad or in the UK. Alternatives to hotels also offer something different to a hotel, whether this is a kitchen, home comforts or a different kind of location so I’ve put together my top 5 hotel alternatives

1. Villa
Villas are one of my favourite places to stay abroad and most years, I spend a week with my family in Greece in a villa. With your own private pool and an entire house, it’s the perfect idyllic break and they are certainly a relaxing place to stay which feel a little bit special. In the UK, I love staying in cottages and I’m already getting excited about my stay in Horton Scar House Cottage with Sykes Cottages in October. Having more space than just a bedroom and your own kitchen is a huge positive for me; it is so much more comfortable and cooking for yourself can keep costs down too.
2. Apartment
I’ve stayed in London through AirBnb before, which was a fantastic bargain stay in Canary Wharf, but next week, I will be staying abroad using the company for the first time when I head to Porto. The apartment we’ve chosen looks dreamy (not to mention, much cheaper than a hotel) so I’m hoping that it is as good as it looks!
3. Hostel
There isn’t anything wrong with a hostel and I’ve stayed in plenty of hostels which are cheaper and nicer than a hotel. When I went to Barcelona, I stayed in a private room with an ensuite which was fantastic quality and a brilliant price. If you don’t like the idea of sharing a room, I would always recommend checking the prices for a private room as they are often cheaper than a hotel alternative.
4. Camping
I know what you’re thinking, who wants to stay in a tent! Definitely not me – I can’t pretend that I’m the kind of girl who would choose no electricity, showers or a mattress. I can slum it if needed but it’s not something I would choose unless I have to! However, camping doesn’t just mean tents these days thanks to companies like Yelloh! VillageWhen I went to Rome last summer, I stayed in a campsite just outside the city in a cabin which was cheap, comfortable and easy. We had our own shower and toilet and most importantly, a mattress to sleep on and it was a fun, unique way to visit Rome.
5. University Halls
Finally, this is a bit of an odd one, which I haven’t had chance to try yet but I’m sure I will soon – as a traveller, you can stay in university halls for far cheaper than a hotel. Although you are generally limited to outside of term time, you can stay in a single room with an ensuite at most university halls across the UK (I’m yet to investigate if this is possible abroad). For example, my own college in York allows you to stay for just £28 a night – much cheaper than you will ever find a hotel in York!
Do you stay in hotels whilst travelling or do you enjoy something slightly different? Got any top tips for hotel alternatives? Let me know in the comments!