October 28, 2017

Hitting the skiing slopes… in Castleford, West Yorkshire

The idea of a skiing holiday terrifies me. Of course, I love the idea of wooden chalets, hot chocolate by the fireside and cheese fondue – but the actual idea of throwing yourself down a mountain, attached to two small pieces of plastic, does not appeal. Skiing holidays are also expensive and therefore a big commitment, so when Snozone offered me a private skiing lesson to try out the sport before investing in a holiday, I loved the idea.


Snozone has two slopes in the UK; Castleford near Leeds and Milton Keynes. I headed to the Castleford slope during one of my many weekends up North for a beginner private skiing lesson for two. I was terrified. Although I love adventure and challenging myself, skiing is something I was sure I would be terrible at – I did a skydive earlier this year and I was less scared!

However, our instructor James was fantastic; he was patient, calm and filled me with confidence. Because our lesson was just the two of us, we could go at our own pace which meant I got so much more out of the hour. Apparently, I’m a natural, which anyone who knows how poor my sense of balance is will laugh at! We started with the real basics, like how to put your skis on, then got used to the correct posture and movement before snow-ploughing down the nursery slopes.

Before I knew it, we had progressed to steering and then practiced maneuvering down the slope in between cones. By the end of the lesson, we had progressed to the main slope and headed down (somewhat slowly, in my case) the slope a couple of times each. I was so impressed with how much we covered in just an hour and left feeling exhausted but filled with confidence – and itching to ski again!

I think it’s such a brilliant idea to try skiing in the UK before booking a full holiday abroad and I can’t believe I had never thought of it before. I really enjoyed my skiing experience and now, if I spot a good deal, I would be confident to book a ski trip, knowing what I was going to let myself in for!

So if you want to try a skiing holiday, get down to your local ski slope first. Hot chocolate afterwards optional.


I was invited to experience a private ski lesson at Snozone in exchange for this post