November 5, 2017

Why Your Phone Is The Only Travel Gadget You Need

This year, I've learnt to pack pretty light whilst travelling. However, the one element I struggle to pack light on is technology. With a laptop, two phones, DSLR and lenses, I probably pack lighter than professional photographers, but I still dedicate a lot of space in my luggage to my tech. I wanted to prove to myself (and you!) that you can travel with just your phone - no other gadgets required. 


Instagram Is Your Secret Weapon

I love using Instagram to plan my trips, using a combination of location tags, hashtags and collections. I search the location tag of a place to find photos of key landmarks, example snaps and places to eat. I also use the hashtag of the place and related hashtags (such as #VisitRome and #IgersRome) to see what other blogger have tagged. For every post I find, I save it to a collection for that location – and I have a handy folder of Instagram worthy places to visit for my next trip.

Rely On Other Bloggers

I also like to Google search the location I’m planning to visit with the words “blogger” to get some great blog posts from fellow bloggers on where to go. Let’s face it, bloggers show you the best places to visit and their guides are often better than a newspaper or magazine, filled with hotels which are normally out of my price range. I use a handy app called Pocket to save any good blog posts, so I can easily find them again and even access them offline.

Book Somewhere With WiFi

Choose an AirBnb or hotel with business fibre broadband so you can guarantee WiFi where you’re staying. It’s perfect for checking out TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants, last minute addresses and to plan routes around the city. I always make sure I save my Google Maps to be available offline so, once I’ve planned my routes and found my location, I can continue to use the map once I go offline.

Forget Those Roaming Charges

I still haven't got used to the fact that there are now no roaming charges when travelling in the EU. Three Mobile loaned me an iPhone 7, loaded full of data to #FeelAtHome this Summer. As much as planning with WiFi is great, sometimes you just need to be able to log on and Google exactly what that strange building is, where the closest cash point is or when the next train is due. 

Use Your iPhone For Amazing Shots

Sometimes, nothing other than DSLR or GoPro will do, but more often than not, you can take some incredible shots with an iPhone. I love just taking my phone to take snaps whilst on holiday. There's no need to worry about lenses, extra chargers or bulky tripods - and the photos in this post are all taken with an iPhone 7 and I love them! I've just joined my first ever Kickstarter for this awesome looking new tripod, which I'm hoping will up my iPhone photography game, especially when travelling solo.

Do you take lots of gadgets travelling or do you stick to your phone? What are your top tips for using your phone as your number one travel gadget?

*This post is in collaboration with TalkTalk*