August 29, 2017

My #ResolutionUpdate: Travel Plans for 2018


Back in January, I wrote a post about my New Year’s Resolutions, full of five goals to work on in 2017. Now there are just four more months left until we hit 2018… and I’m a little bit terrified about it. Does anyone else feel like this year has passed in a blur? Admittedly, I’ve packed a lot in to 2017 so far; visiting 8 countries, landing my first “proper” travel press trip, hiring and managing a team for the first time in my career, and there’s so much more to go. However, I’m already looking to 2018 and what’s next in store.


This year, I set myself the challenge to travel 12 countries in 12 months and be smart with my annual leave to pack as much travel in 2017 as I could. I also challenged myself to travel solo for the first time and I’ve already visited Edinburgh alone, as well as flying solo for the first time and travelling to Ibiza to spend three days with some bloggers I had never met before (who turned out to be the best travel companions you could hope for).

I’m currently sitting at 8 countries completed; Scotland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Ibiza, Portugal and Italy twice with Rome and Turin. I’ve got three more booked; Northern Ireland, Ireland and Slovenia as well as a second trip to Spain when I head to Barcelona in December. I’ve got just one more holiday to book (or a speedy trip to Wales to organise!) to fulfil my goal of 12 countries in 12 months – whilst actually fitting in two more holidays than I originally planned thanks to visiting two countries twice and keeping up with a full time job.

Next year, I want to do the opposite of this year and plan longer, “bigger” trips with my annual leave. I’m planning to visit Peru and Mexico for a couple of weeks in June and make the most of friends living around the world by visiting New Zealand and Japan too. I realise that this is going to use up most, if not all of my annual leave, so I’m planning big trips whilst keeping up my motto to “never waste a weekend” by exploring more of the UK too. I also want to get out more in nature which is why I’m also researching walking holidays. I love the idea of a “slow holiday” as and my bucket list currently consists of Madeira in Spring and Lanzarote in January, thanks to Inntravel’s walking holidays. 

Inntravel are looking to help everyone do just this with their walking holidays. They reckon that a walking holiday in January is the perfect start to a new year, to kick off those resolutions. For me, that was the key to the success (so far) of my #Europe12in12 challenge – getting started straight away! I'm determined to pack just as much travel, albeit in a different way, into 2018 as I have done this year and I'm excited to explore more of the world and keep ticking locations of my ever-growing bucket list. So as soon as those January airline sales hit, I'll be booking some adventures!

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Are you already thinking about 2018? I’d love to hear your travel plans!


This post is in collaboration with Inntravel but all thoughts and obsessions with holidays are my own.