August 16, 2017

Exploring Hidden Ibiza

Ibiza has never been somewhere which has particularly featured on my bucket list. I’d always dismissed it as a party island, full of overpriced clubs, expensive drinks and hoards of “lads, lads, lads.” So when Enterprise Car Rental got in touch to ask me to head on a road trip around Ibiza with some fellow bloggers, I was excited to explore the hidden side of Ibiza – and as it turned out, I had the most incredible time!


Ibiza surpassed my expectations – it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We were based at Hostal Flamingo, a cute hotel in Es Canar on the quieter north side of the island. This place was an Instagrammers’ dream; adorable flamingos at every turn, a beautiful garden, hand-baked croissants made from scratch by the owner every morning for breakfast and a swimming pool which we had all to ourselves. It was the perfect base to explore the island, located on the quieter North side with a supermarket conveniently close for that 3 euro wine and a beach just a short walk away.

You really need to hire a car to get the most out of the Island and luckily, Enterprise Car Rental had set us up with a snazzy Mercedes to cruise around the island in. I’m all about heading off the beaten track to find those hidden gems whilst on holiday and Ibiza blew me away with its beauty. Without a car, we simply couldn’t have seen the places we visited and it was surprisingly easy to get around the entire island. I would never normally consider hiring a car when I head abroad, but this trip has opened my eyes to the possibilities that a hire car can bring to your holiday. There was no stress about trying to understand local transport, panic over the language barrier or fear of fines for buying the wrong ticket by accident; we just jumped in our air conditioned car, popped our location in the sat nav and we were on our way!


Number one on my list was Es Vedra, the third most magnetic point on Earth and allegedly the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis. It's a well-known place of natural beauty, but somehow forgotten by the majority of tourists in Ibiza. Stick Es Vedra in your sat nav and on the road between Es Cubells and Cala d'Hort, Es Vedra will appear in your car window. You will see a small road on your left that is signposted – follow the dirt track to a parking area and ask the local looking after the car park for the path to Es Vedra and the Torre de Savinar. If you have more time we had, go left instead and you can climb right down to the beach, also known as Atlantis, for more amazing views of Es Vedra, hidden natural pools and the most incredible rocks.

Es Vedra is unbelievably beautiful; the photos just don’t do it justice! The perfectly clear blue sea, the most vibrant colour of the water and that huge limestone rock on the horizon. You can see why it has all kind of myths and legends attached to it, including the entrance to Atlantis, the birth place of the Phoenician goddess Tanit and the location of the sirens who tried to lure Ulysses to his death in the Odyssey. I’ve never visited anywhere quite like it and the whole experience was amazing; from first spotting the rock in the distance, to driving along a one-car-wide dirt track (well done to Jaye Rockett for navigating that one), the blinding heat of the Ibizan sun and finally, the stunning view itself. If you head anywhere in Ibiza, it needs to be Es Vedra.


Another must visit is the capital Ibiza Town for some lunch (keep an eye out for my foodie recommendations in a separate post) and to visit the old town. The pretty streets of Ibiza Town are far more picturesque than I expected, along with a huge harbour, lots of hippy shops and those beautiful pink flowers which just shout Mediterranean. There’s bastions with incredible views, the Cathedral de Santa Maria and plenty of tiny streets to wander and explore. The island is so small it's easy to visit multiple towns or beaches in one day if you have a car, so we managed to tick Es Vedra and Ibiza Town off in just under a day, before heading back to the pool for a much needed cool-off and photography session. 

The nature in Ibiza blew me away; rugged coastlines, blinding white building, intricate tiles and that beautiful blue sea. But the best part of the day showed Ibiza at it's most beautiful; sunrise and sunset. The photos need no editing; those rich reds and oranges are all natural. We watched the sunrise from Es Canar, as we could roll out of our hotel beds to one of the small side streets which led to the rocky coastline and catch the sun within minutes - but there are great uninterrupted views all around the island. Choose sunrise rather than sunset to avoid the partygoers and guarantee yourself the most uplifting start to the day. There's no sight like it!

Ibiza completely blew me away with its beautiful beaches, gorgeous food and those unique views. Before this trip, I would never have considered this "party island" but now, I'd jet back tomorrow. Going off the beaten path reveals Ibiza to be a true hidden gem and somewhere you need to add to your travel list now!

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Thank you to Lauren Britton Loves and Jaye Rockett for the beautiful photos of me. It was an honour to be photographed by you! 

Thank you to my Balearic Babes Lauren, Leigh Travers from Fox and Feather, Kelly Prince Writes and Jaye Rockett for being the best travel companions! Check out our hashtags #BalearicBabes and #FromTheCarWindow on Instagram to see some more snaps.

This trip was courtesy of Enterprise Car Rental, who invited us to Ibiza to explore the island and test out their car rental service. All thoughts, opinions and obsession with great views are my own.