January 14, 2019

Will I Still Travel Now I’ve Bought A House?


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I recently became a homeowner and bought my own house. I'm so excited and happy to have a place of my own and of course, it means that I will sharing a lot more home and interior design here on the blog. But what does it mean for my travel plans? Challenges like my 12 countries in 12 months are definitely out of the window, now I have a mortgage and bills to pay on my own, but I'm excited to adapt my travelling style to still visit new places throughout 2019. Here are some on tips on how I plan to travel with a mortgage:


A Bargain Becomes More Important

I've always been good at finding a great deal (my break to Macedonia cost me just £168 over a pricey Bank Holiday weekend) but now, more than ever, I'm hunting for a bargain. Skyscanner is brilliant if you are flexible on dates and location; simply search for "Everywhere" in a month of your choosing for a great bargain. I'm currently eyeing up some £10 return flights to Germany and some £20 return flights to Pisa in March, all found through Skyscanner. If you've got certain dates in mind, Ryanair (despite it's flaws as a budget airline) is the best. I use Fare Finder to put in my chosen dates, choose "Anywhere" and see what is available.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Travel competitions are quick and easy to enter and a great way to bag a holiday for free. Yes, they aren't guaranteed but I've been lucky enough to win a variety of prizes in the past, including hot air balloon vouchers, free hotel stays and even a holiday. I'm planning on making more of an effort to regularly enter travel competitions this year and fingers crossed I can get my travel fix for free as a result! If you want to enter more travel competitions too, Travel Competitions on Facebook is a great place to start and Yoko Meshi posts the best travel competitions every week on her blog. Don't forget to check Twitter and Instagram too, as these competitions offer run for shorter times and therefore have less entrants, improving your chances of a win. Fingers crossed!

Don't Forget the UK

Cheap flights to Europe are always tempting but I'm also determined to explore more of the UK this weekend. I've got friends all over the country who I can now visit, with the counter-offer of coming to stay at mine, and many more cities on my bucket list. AirBnb is growing all of the time in the UK, and there are some great bargains to be found all over if you trawl through the listings. Don't forget you can bag £25 off your first stay by using this link. Last year, I also tried my first ever campervan trip as I headed to Norfolk with Bumble Campers and loved it, so I'd love to do the same this year a little further afield - I'm thinking Scotland or Cornwall.

Anything Is A Bonus

The biggest challenge for me will be changing my mentality when it comes to travel. As you might have guessed by my 12 countries in 12 months challenge, the last few years have been about travelling as much as possible for me. I love short city breaks where I can see everything at 100 miles an hour and although I will continue this travel style, as it's a brilliant budget friendly way to see a city, I know I can't visit as many countries this year! So 2019 is going to be about quality not quantity and if I only manage one trip, I will be very happy with that.

There's Still Plenty To Talk About

And what does this mean for the blog? Well, it goes without saying that I will have less travel to write about but I still have lots of guides to share with you. Mexico, Bali, Krakow, Albania and Berlin are all on their way - that's the great thing about travel blogging, you can still write about your trips months after your visit. I'm also looking forward to sharing more home and interior design posts, as make my first house a home, so I hope you will enjoy this different content from me too. Here's to 2019!


So all you homeowners out there, please tell me your secrets! How do you do it? I'd love to hear your tips - and of course, your travel plans for 2019