February 9, 2016

5 Things To Do In Iceland #SendMeAway

I’m forever dreaming about my next holiday and for once, I don’t have anything booked to look forward to! When icelolly.com asked bloggers to share their dream destination, I couldn’t resist imagining my next travel destination. The winner will win £1000 towards their perfect holiday and a coveted Olympus PEN camera, so I wanted to share 5 things I want to do in Iceland, the country which is number one on my bucket list:


1. The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights had to be number one on my ‘must-see’ in Iceland. I have seen some seriously stunning images but nothing would compare to seeing the real thing with my own eyes. Apparently February, March, October and November are the best months to get lucky with the lights and a solar flare means that you have the best chance of seeing the lights now until 2018, so I need to get organised!

2. Husky Sledding
I’m obsessed with the idea of husky sledding and what better location than Iceland? Huskies are amazing dogs and I’ve always wanted to go sledding; a thrilling mix of fluffy dogs and extreme sport. In fact, it was one of my failed New Year’s Resolutions in 2015 so I really need to tick it off in 2016!

3. The Blue Lagoon
I can’t think of Iceland without thinking of sitting in the Blue Lagoon, surrounded by snow and steam. The experience of two extremes, the heat of the water and the cold of the air, fascinates me and again, I really want to try it for myself. I would definitely try a silica mud mask and drink a glass of wine in the water – it’s the perfect memory!

4. Icelandic Cuisine
For me, the quality of the food can make or break a holiday. Unsurprisingly, Iceland is well-known for its fresh seafood, thanks to its location. After reading Ally from Digital Diva’s post about her trip to Iceland, I would love to try The Fishmarket. It sounds like a great place to try some fantastic local cuisine so it’s top of my ‘to eat’ list.

5. Caving
Finally, it’s another unusual activity, although I could have chosen geysers, whale watching, the Golden Circle or even pony-trekking on Icelandic horses – there is so much to do in Iceland! My final ‘must do’ is caving. The volcanic environment of Iceland has created its unique nature and caving is an exciting way to see more of the Icelandic landscape. I would love the explore the beautiful and fascinating magma caves – and everything else which Iceland has to offer!

I nominate Digital Diva, Queen Beady and Adventures in Tea and Cake to share their choices – with the requirement that if you enter and win, you have to take me! Deal? Where is your number one bucket list destination?

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