February 3, 2016

FitBit Charge HR Review

FitBits are the latest ‘must-have’ fitness gadget and I’ve heard so many rave reviews about these activity trackers. I’ve been lusting after my own for what seems like forever, so I was unbelievably excited when I was sent the FitBit Charge HR by Debenhams to review:




Despite how much everyone seems to rave about FitBits, I must admit I was a little sceptical – how much can basically a pedometer change your fitness? As somebody who already goes to the gym, I wasn’t expecting to see a huge difference in my motivation or the amount I worked out. However, I was completely wrong as my FitBit has seen a huge change in my daily exercise routine. My two part-time jobs can be fairly sedentary; I work as both a receptionist, sitting at a desk all day, or a lifeguard, where I move more but still fairly infrequently. My FitBit has made me aware of quite how little I can move and therefore made some small but significant changes to my routine – I hop on the treadmill for half an hour whilst watching YouTube, I walk the dog after work or I walk laps of the swimming pool at work rather than sitting down. 

The FitBit Charge HR* is perfect for me, thanks to all of its features. As well as tracking steps, the Charge HR also records heart rate, calories, distance stairs climbed and sleep. It is also really clever at tracking workouts – when my heart rate goes up in a workout, the FitBit accurately tracks that I am working out and records this as ‘active minutes.’ If you want something more accurate, you can also hold down the button on the FitBit to start a timer; I do this during workouts to track my heart rate and calories burnt and it is a great way to compare workouts, I’m also obsessed with the sleep tracker, which records how long I am asleep and how many times I wake or am restless during the night. I can set an alarm which causes the wristband to vibrate, which is far more effective than my alarm! I’m prone to waking up and falling back asleep, despite the fact I could easily get out of bed, so tracking my sleep means that I’ve started getting up earlier as I know I’ve had enough sleep. 

My FitBit has fitted seamlessly into my routine and I now wear it almost constantly, only taking it off about every five days in order to charge it. I love everything from the purple colour to the comfortable strap, which allows me to adjust the size to fit my wrist perfectly as opposed to the cheaper Flex. I have recommended my FitBit to everyone since I received it and although they are pricey, I truly think they are worth the money thanks to the sheer amount of use I get from it. I’m a Fitbit convert! 

Are you a FitBit fan? What do you think of activity trackers?

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