September 6, 2016

Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies

Gin is a girl’s best friend – that’s the saying, right? Well, it should be. I love the stuff. So when Gin Explorer got in touch to send me a box full of gin, I got very excited. A monthly subscription box of gin? It’s the dream – and I couldn’t wait to put my gin to good use with a gin and tonic ice lollies recipe.




The Gin Explorer box promises to deliver a variety of interesting gins through your door every month. I discovered it thanks to the Gin Festival and loved the idea of trying new gins every month. I’m a big gin fan so I’ve tried my share fair of different brands, but I had never come across any of the gins in my box, so I was really impressed.

The box is beautifully presented (check out SkinnedCartree’s YouTube unboxing video to see it) and packed with great quality tonics, a snack and garnishes alongside your samples of gin. I simply love the idea of receiving a different selection of gins each month and the box costs £24.99 – not bad at all for four mini gins and a selection of accompaniments. I wanted to make something fun with my gin so I’ve put together a gin and tonic ice lolly recipe, which is ridiculously easy:

To make gin and tonic ice lollies, you will need:

– yes, that’s it!

Slice your limes and place one slice into each ice lolly mould. Then simply add some gin (not too much, as tempting as this can be), tonic and a squeeze of lime and place in the freezer until frozen. It really is that simple! It’s a delicious way to keep cool and enjoy gin in an unusual way. The lollies only take a few minutes to make and they are perfect as a fun dessert at a BBQ or just to enjoy at home on a Saturday night.

What do you think of a gin subscription box? Have you tried gin and tonic ice lollies?