April 24, 2017

Meat Free Mondays


I’m always looking for a challenge and my latest challenge is a current foodie trend; meat free Mondays. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m all about the balance this year, so I loved the concept of cutting out meat for one day a week and GoodLife came to the rescue with their veggie-packed vegetarian meals.


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with GoodLife*

Particularly on a Monday, I want a faff-free meal and GoodLife are perfect for this. Their frozen burgers and sausages can be chucked in the oven for 20 minutes and your dinner is ready! Simple, quick, easy and no effort required – my favourite kind of cooking after a long day at work.

Going meat free is not something I would consider full-time, but of course I recognise some of the benefits of cutting meat from your diet. I’m particularly interested in the environmental benefits of going veggie and after recently going dairy free after discovering I’m intolerant, cutting out meat one day a week seems the next logical step. Plus, let’s be honest, reducing the amount of meat I eat is a great way to save some money! In fact, GoodLife offer a huge range of meals which are ridiculously good value such as their Mushroom and Spinach Kiev which has launched in Iceland for just £2 – bargain!

Now I love a steak, but I’m often just as likely to choose the vegetarian option from the menu. However I would never order the vegetarian burger so these spicy vegan bean burgers from GoodLife were surprisingly tasty. They are packed full of plenty of high protein vegetables, including kidney beans, peppers and sweetcorn. The chipotle chili adds a smoky kick to the burger and teamed with some spinach and tomatoes, it’s practically bursting with veg.

If you don’t want to cook from scratch, GoodLife are a great easy way to have a veggie-packed meal on a Monday without any of the effort. Why should cutting out meat from your diet just one day a week be difficult after all?

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