May 31, 2016

Immersive Dining: The Chambers Uncovered

Have you ever tried an immersive dining experience? The Chambers of Flavour describes itself as “inter-dimensional gastronomy,” created by Gingerline, and is a fascinating dining experience which before today has been kept entirely secret.
Normally, the entrance to The Chambers of Flavour is concealed and diners must follow clues to find the ‘X marks the spot’ to enter the Chambers in London. Then all phones and cameras are locked away before the diners enter the experience. I love the idea that the dining experience is completely secret – all diners are sworn to not reveal the inside of the chambers and, impressively, all diners keep their secret.







However, I was lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive reveal to press of The Chambers of Flavour and photograph the dining experience for the first ever time. Although I love the secret nature of the experience, it can be a little scary to commit to a dining experience without any idea of what it promises. The Chambers officially closed yesterday and I’m excited to be able to share the entire wacky, wonderful and bizarre experience with you all.
Each course is held in a separate room with a separate theme – each designed by a different art director for a completely different feel. The experience began by sitting in a sled, which was pushed through a tiny tunnel…into a woodland wonderland. We hunted in the treetops for our appetiser; micro herbs and raw vegetables, parsley dressing and truffle infused tapioca pearls.
Next, we jumped through a hole in a tree to reach the soup course; ‘motor oil’ soup, served by a crash test dummy mime artist. For the main course, a waiter poured dry ice onto the table and our host burst out of the curtains to entertain us in the grand Victorian surroundings straight out of a horror movie. We then burst into a ball pit, where we were handed gin by a pirate (although I still don’t why it wasn’t rum!) in a plastic water bottle to drink whilst we slowly sank into the blue ball pit; this and the starter were my favourite rooms.
Finally, we were seranaded by a drag queen air hostess in a aeroplane cabin before being served my favourite course; delicious mango and green tea profiteroles, accompanied by a strawberry gazpacho and chocolate soil. To escape, we slid down a metal chute, bursting confused and elated back into the real world. It truly felt like stepped back into reality after disappearing down an Alice in Wonderland-esque rabbit hole, full of wonders and surprises.
The entire experience was engaging and great fun; it’s a real ‘in it together’ meal where you enter in the fantasy along with your fellow diners and it’s definitely more suited to confident people as there’s plenty of opportunities to volunteer and take part in the room’s various scenes. The experience is completely unique – and impressively, the food is great quality too; the Chambers are a dining experience first and foremost and the flavour combinations were delicious and clever.
If you’re looking for something unusual and unique, Gingerline are a company worth buying tickets for. Although the Chambers are now closed, Gingerline is not – they’ve got plenty more exciting events in the pipeline including a revamped Chamber of Flavours arriving in late 2016. Check out Gingerline for details on their latest event – a new batch of tickets will be released today at midday but you need to be quick! I can’t wait to see what they do next!