May 30, 2016

Sticks n Sushi Review

A couple of years ago, I had never tried sushi. My family’s various allergies to seafood ruled out fish-based dinners and there was a distinct lack of sushi restaurants around Cambridge. However in the last few years, the mainstream chains have descended on Cambridge and I tried sushi and discovered that, luckily, I am not allergic to it – and in fact, I find it very tasty!
Sticks N Sushi is the latest addition to the sushi scene in Cambridge but it’s a special one. Priding themselves as sushi for “people who don’t like fish,” it offers a huge variety of dishes to choose from, all beautifully presented and full of flavour. I want invited down to their soft launch, where press and bloggers were treated to an array of dishes before the official opening.





We were probably the pickiest eaters in the room – a vegetarian and a non-tuna eater. However our friendly waitress wasn’t phased by our requests and promised us a four course meal appropriate for our requirements.
There was a lot of delicious food so I will simply mention some of my highlights. The warm, soft avocado starter was one the best I’ve tasted which sounds silly given it was so simple but it was served perfectly. The wonderfully tender beef Yakiniku stick melted in my mouth and I could have eaten ten of them. The wasabi caeser sauce which accompanied the breaded duck Kushi Katzu had the perfect kick. The vegetarian options were also pretty tasty – my favourite being the Mamma Mia rolls, made from avocado and cucumber.
And who would have thought a sushi restaurant would have such a fantastic array of desserts? Pudding is often overlooked in these restaurants but the desserts were absolutely fantastic – I can’t be the only one who wants to order all 12 for £30! My friend and I were fighting over the last scrap of the chocolate fondant and I’ve heard plenty of recommendations for the liquorice creme brulee.
For me there was only one reason to prevent me heading back every single week; price. Dishes range from £2.20 to £9 a plate but the ‘tapas’ nature of the dining means the costs can soon add up. However, you can’t deny the quality of the dishes and it is the perfect restaurant for a special meal. When I head back, I want to try one of the platters, most of which cost around £20
Sticks N Sushi is a sushi restaurant but on a whole new level. It’s produce is fantastic quality, the food is hugely varied and deliciously tasty and the atmosphere is modern and slick. I would highly recommend a visit, especially if you aren’t a fan of fish or haven’t tried sushi before, as this is the perfect place to discover something new.