January 23, 2018

How I’m Upping my Blog Game in 2018 (Inspired by Blog at the Beach)

2018 is the year I’m determined to take my blog to the next level. As I talked about in my Intentions for 2018 post, I’ve got a variety of positive intentions for this year and the ultimate goal to do “one thing better than yesterday.” This includes my blog, so when I headed to Leeds to join icelolly.com for a ski-themed party, packed with speakers, I knew I was going to be inspired. The talks by Kirsty Leanne, Kaye Ford and my fave Queen Beady were fantastic and I left feeling so excited to up my blogging game in 2018, although that might just have been the mulled wine talking! So I’ve put together my goals inspired by the event with a few of my own tips thrown in too.

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Pitch, Please

Despite the recent drama surrounding Elle Darby, the travel blogger who received online hate after her poor hotel pitch went viral, I’m going to start pitching to brands, inspired by the talk by Kirsty Leanne. I’m very lucky that all of my opportunities are as a result of being approached by brands and PRs, as opposed to reaching out for them but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t start to pitch. If the current brands I work with think I have something to offer, why don’t I? A week ago I would have said what’s the worst that can happen; they say no. Although apparently, the worst that can happen is the hotel will ban bloggers as guests and their rant about you will go viral…

Use Your CV

I’ve blogged before about why you should include your blog on your CV but what about the other way around? Queen Beady talked about bringing the skills from your day job to your hobby and as I work in marketing, it’s a no brainer. In my day job, I’m great at developing a strong brand, creating marketing campaigns which result in smashing sales targets and analysing what works and what doesn't. Why can’t I do the same for brands and my blog? Whatever your skills, whether it’s sticking to deadlines as a student or attention to detail in an admin job or networking and pitching in a sales role, these skills can all be applied to your blog too.

Take the Shot

Kaye Ford is a photography inspiration and I loved her talk, which really helped me think about looking at famous landmarks and tourist spots and photographing them in a different, unique way. I’ve always been better at words than photos so this year, I want to improve my images and focus on portrayed a “sense of place” from my travels. I’ve taken the plunge and downloaded Lightroom and I’m really enjoying experimenting with my camera and iPhone whilst I travel.

I’m also making an effort to up my Instagram game, after a fascinating street photography workshop with Six Street Under. I’ve included some of my iPhone shots from the session in this post and they’re completely different to anything I would normally photograph in Cambridge, but I’m so pleased with them! There are workshops like these at Apple Stores all around the country, so take a look here to see if anything is happening near you.


Every Failure Is An Opportunity

I’m currently listening to Black Box Thinking on Audible and it’s completely changed my perspective on failure. The basic premise is that when an aeroplane crashes, two black boxes are recovered and analysed with a fine-tooth comb to discover why the crash happened. Rather than hide or ignore failure, they use it to improve – which is why planes hardly ever crash, and it’s even less likely to be for the same reason.  

One particular line so far has stood out to me “every failure is an opportunity for a marginal gain.” In other words, every failure is an opportunity to improve, just a little, if you only listen and learn. So I’m going to try and experiment more, take the chance and give it a go. Who knows where it might take me!


What are you inspired to do in 2018 to take your blog to the next level? Let me know!

If you didn’t make it to icelolly.com’s Blog at the Beach, you can also take a look at the roundup and slides from all of the speakers here.

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