April 18, 2018

Top Tips For Driving Solo

I've been able to drive since I was 17 years old but it wasn't until I bought my first car that I truly felt the freedom of being able to drive. In the last couple of years, I've started to take full advantage of my car and plan more trips around the UK than ever before. Unfortunately I don’t have a perfect road trip car like an Audi Q5, I have a tiny coral coloured Fiat 500 but I still manage to speed around the UK exploring as much as I can. I've got used to driving on my own all over the country so I wanted to put together some tips on how to make the most of a solo road trip. 


Go With The Flow

For me, the number one perk of driving around the UK is the flexibility it brings. I can arrive when I want and I can leave when I want so I can go with the flow rather than be tied down to train times. It's so easy to take a detour to an interesting looking location when you're driving and I love discovered new places, simply because they are on my route and I can stop off and explore!

Be Your Own DJ

Music is the secret to any roadtrip. I have Spotify Premium, so long road trips often turn into a karaoke session for one! Anything by Arctic Monkeys is sure to get me singing loudly in a fake Northern accent and I’m also really enjoying the latest album by Paloma Faith, The Architect.

However, you don’t just have to listen to music. I love using road trips as a chance to catch up on my favourite podcasts. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and the Sacred Text; it’s an English Lit nerd’s dream, as Vanessa and Casper read each chapter of the Harry Potter books and analyse them through a theme, whether that’s guilt, generosity, commitment or love. By examining the text through sacred practices, they reveal amazing new ways to look at the Harry Potter books and I’m slightly addicted! It sounds much more intense than it actually is; if you’re a Harry Potter fan then it’s a must to add to your podcast playlist.

Go Through Your Bookshelf

As well as podcasts and Spotify Premium, I’ve also recently downloaded Audible. The downside of driving everywhere, rather than relying on public transport, is that I lose that time previously spent reading and Audible is a great way to still be able to enjoy books. For just £7.99 a month, I get one audiobook every single month. I’ve been enjoying listening to business books and I recently listened to Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed and it was fascinating. It’s a great way to study and expand my business knowledge rather than wasting the time spent in a car.

Roll Down Those Windows

Finally, driving solo sometimes is just the perfect opportunity for some "me time." When there's nothing but you and the open road, it's a great moment to focus on yourself and just relax. I love to roll down my windows, turn my music up high and enjoy the breeze through my car. It's a great way to give yourself a break that doesn't feel like you're being too indulgent! I love to grab a meal deal or some sweets for the journey and use my longer journeys as an opportunity to think, plan, dream and relax as I travel to my destination. 

So I might not have a shiny new Audi Q5, but I certainly know how to make the most of my solo road trips! Do you drive alone when travelling? What are your top tips for a smooth and relaxing journey?


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