March 24, 2013

Mischief Managed

As many of you will know, last Friday I visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour. It was a truly amazing gift from my boyfriend for my birthday and, as a massive Harry Potter fan, I was unbelievably excited to finally see behind the scenes of the film adaptations of my favourite childhood (and adulthood!) books. It was particularly exciting to visit during the #OneYearOn celebrations – even if I wasn’t lucky enough to win a prize! Here are just a few photos to sum up the day






As you can see, I struggled to cut down my pictures to my favourite few! I am already planning a couple more posts about the day, so I hope that there are at least a couple of Harry Potter fans amongst my readers. If not, don’t worry – the next post is about fashion too!
I simply cannot recommend the WB Studio Tour enough. It is a fascinating experience, for fans and non-fans alike. I loved all the facts I learnt – I will share with you just one example; the tricks to ensure that Robbie Coltrane looked like a giant. For one, there were two Gamekeeper’s Huts; one normal sized and one smaller in which Hagrid was filmed to ensure that he looked ‘oversized.’ In other scenes, a 6″10 ex-rugby player acted as a body-double whilst wearing an animatronic mask of Coltrane’s face. Watching back some of scenes, I can’t believe that it’s a mask! But worry not, Warner Bros, I won’t share any more of your secrets – if you want to know more, my readers, you will just have to visit yourselves. You certainly won’t regret it.