May 19, 2017

12 European Cities in 12 Months


I've said it enough times now - I want to make this year the year for travel. I've got a giant list of destinations to visit and I finally feel like I have the confidence and independence to just get on with it. I've already had four city breaks this year; Iceland, Edinburgh, Prague and Rome so when I realised this, I thought "why not keep going?" And my challenge to visit 12 European cities in 12 months (or #Europe12in12) was born.

I work full time (and anyone who works in marketing knows that "full time" really means much more than that) so my challenge has to fit in whilst working a full time career. I want to show you and myself that you can travel the world on a budget whilst holding down a job, hobbies and a social life too!


Now I've committed myself to the challenge, I'm more obsessed with cheap city breaks than ever before. So when Cheapflights told me about their new free EscEscape Chrome extension, I instantly downloaded it. This Chrome extension means that whenever, like me, you get the itch to jump on a plane, you just press the Esc button twice - and cheap flights from your closest airport instantly appear.

The first flights the extension showed me was Lisbon and it was like Cheapflights had read my mind! Lisbon is on my bucket list and one of the cities I had already earmarked as an option for a city break this year. The extension offered me flights in June, a month I haven't booked a holiday for yet, and it showed me "cheapest," "quickest" and "smartest" options to choose from. All flights shown are Thursday to Sunday, perfect for preserving that precious annual leave entitlement and so much more convenient than a weekday break if you're working full-time.

Next, I was offered Amsterdam for a bargain £70 for another long weekend and once I changed my "closest" airport to the slightly further away London Gatwick, I was shown flights for the slightly more unusual Algiers, Sofia and Budapest. I love the idea that with a quick double-tap of the Esc button, you've got some tempting flights right in front of you and Cheapflights search all of the airlines for you, meaning that you don't need to trawl every website.

So where shall I go next? There are so many places out there but after exploring the EscEscape extension, I think Lisbon is top of my list. Where would you recommend for a budget city break? I'm so excited to keep you up to date with my Europe12in12 challenge! And let me know if you download the EscEscape Chrome extension - where does it send you?

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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cheapflights - but my obsession with their new extension is all me!*