May 25, 2017

Finding My Fashion Uniform


I love fashion. I'm forever browsing Asos, I can't resist a Primark spurge and I'm quite happy to admit that I care about what I wear. However, as I've got older and entered the full-time world of work, I've started to find it harder to and instead found myself craving a simple, streamlined wardrobe that makes me feel chic and put together, without any effort.

After a huge clear out of my wardrobe, I feel like I've finally defined my "style" and found a uniform. It's not complicated and unsurprisingly a midi skirt is at the centre. When I'm working I wear a blouse and smart shoes and if I'm travelling, I switch these for a tshirt, jumper and pair of trainers.


I love a midi skirt. Despite the fact I'm petite at 5"3, a midi skirt suits my style perfectly as it is girly yet actually more practical than it looks. Perfect with a variety of tops, I'm particularly obsessed with this pleated midi skirt from Primark. In fact, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've bought it in four (yes, four) different colours - for £8, can you really blame me?

I pair my midi skirt with a blouse, tshirt or chunky granny jumper, depending on the weather and occasion. Midi skirts are perfect to dress up or down but when I'm travelling, I go for the casual look. I never used to be a trainer girl but I am now a Nike lover through and through. They are perfect for exploring and there's something so freeing about being comfortable. I'm too old for blisters or heels I can't walk in and I'm ok with that! Finally, I'm always wearing a pair of Harry Potter themed socks (Primark again have a great selection). I can't resist showing my geeky side and they're a great conversation starter with fellow Potter fans!

A "uniform" isn't just about a capsule wardrobe which is easy to pack. I've read so many articles about businessmen who have a uniform and how, by removing unneccassary decisions from their day they are more effective. Obama famously said "I don't want to make decisions about what I'm eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make." Now I'm not sure this is true but there is a certain joy in rolling out of bed in the morning, pulling on a plain midi skirt and a blouse and knowing that I'm ready for the working day. There's no more panic about whether I look smart or professional enough and because these items take up the main bulk of my wardrobe, there's no stress about matching as it's so easy to create an outfit.

Do you have a "uniform?" What's your signature style?

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