December 3, 2017

Why It’s Ok to Relax On Holiday (And Some Top Tips How To!)

When I travel, I want to do everything. I often visit places with the thinking that I will never revisit that place again, or at least not for a long time, so I put pressure on myself to pack as much into a trip as I can. Inspired by this post by Jaye Rockett on why it's ok not to make the most of a trip away and a general feeling of a need to relax, I wanted to put together some ways to relax and take time for yourself whilst on holiday (and remind myself that it's ok to slow down). 


Do Some Exercise sent me some goodies to help me relax on my holidays, including a yoga mat and a "Yoga for Travellers" book. It's the perfect guide to help you do some gentle exercise. When I visited Edinburgh earlier in the year, the hotel I stayed in included a gym and swimming pool and it was lovely to relax and switch off by going for a swim. Wherever you stay, there's always an opportunity to get a little active - even if it is just walking around a new city or some yoga in your hotel room!

Have A Lie In

When I'm visiting somewhere new, the pressure is to get up at the crack of dawn and jam-pack your schedule with as much as you can, but let's be honest, a lie in is sometimes better for your stress levels than a whole weekend away. Although you often can see the best sights with less tourists by getting up early, but I'm starting to find that the early afternoon can be just as good. After all, all of the guides tell you to get up early - and if everyone follows the guides, then it doesn't work!

Take Time For A Pamper

For me, there's nothing better to help me relax than a face mask. A lovely hotel room, some trashy TV, a glass of wine and a face mask is simply heaven - and something I never seem to find the time for when I'm at home. Travelling solo often has the image of hostels, drinking and backpacking but when I travel alone, it's a rather slower affair as I take some time to relax and pamper!

Try The Dessert

One of my favourite things about travel is the food! Life's too short to worry about eating healthily whilst travelling and there's so much to try. So have a glass of wine, try the unusual starter, add on that side, and eat the cake! However some of my favourite travel memories are not from eating out. Instead it's the nights eating a picnic of ham, cheese and bread whilst drinking sangria in the hotel room, or drinking beers on the terrace under the stars, or playing cards and eating crisps until 1am that stand out.

Sometimes it's the "slower" memories that stay with you the longest. So next time you travel, remember to take things a little slower - you don't know what you might discover! Do you go for a fast-paced holiday or do you take things a little slower?

This post is in collaboration with Jet2