June 30, 2018

Win £50 Hotel Voucher: New Design and Giveaway

There's been a lot of change for me over the last few months. I left my job and a company which I've worked for for my whole adult career, which has been strange, exciting and terrifying all at once. I travelled to Ubud in Bali, the furthest I've ever travelled, and did it solo too. And now I've started a new job working on the marketing, communications and PR for Visit Cambridge and Beyond. It's pretty much my dream to be able to spend my 9-5 promoting the beautiful city of Cambridge and the gorgeous surrounding area (if you haven't visited yet, you really should add it to your bucket list!) I'm so excited that my passion for travel has now become part of my day job!

Because I'm not the kind to rest, I also decided it would be the perfect time to redesign my blog. I say I redesigned it, in reality I finally jumped on the Pipdig bandwagon and made some tweaks to one of their beautiful designs. I'm so pleased with it and I really hope you like it too - let me know what you think!


To celebrate all of this exciting change, I thought it was about time I ran another giveaway. I recently ran a vote on Twitter on whether you would prefer to win a flight voucher or a hotel voucher and the resounding winner was for hotel, so I'm going to give away a £50 voucher by the Hotel Voucher Shop. It can be used at over 150,000 locations in over 5,000 destinations and you can choose from hostels, chains or luxury hotels so there is sure to be something perfect for the lucky winner.

The competition will run for two weeks and close at midnight on Sunday 15th July. Good luck!