July 24, 2018

Top Tips To Prepare For Your Next Holiday

After visiting 12 countries last year and 7 so far this year, I’d be doing something seriously wrong if I couldn’t prepare for a holiday. I can now organise a trip in a matter of hours once I spot a bargain flight online and pack my luggage for a weekend away in a flash, so I thought I’d share some of my top tips to help you prepare for your next holiday.


Switch Your Liquids

I normally travel hand luggage only, so reducing my liquids is key for ease of travel at security. My latest hand luggage friendly find is the Yes to Coconuts range, including cleansing wipes, face masks and a coconut oil stick. Cleansing wipes are perfect for a short break when you don’t want to pack your usual cleanser and I love packing a face mask to pamper myself after a dehydrating flight. The coconut oil stick is my favourite; the design is so travel friendly, it’s small and compact and the coconut oil leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. It’s particularly handy on sunburn!

Swap Your Suitcase

I rarely travel with a suitcase as I much prefer a rucksack. They're so much easier to carry, you don't need to drag them everywhere and they’re far less likely to be taken away from you by budget airlines who move hand luggage to the hold on busy flights. I picked up a men's rucksack from John Lewis years ago and it's proved much more reliable than my previous Cath Kidston buys. For what to add to your rucksack, check out my tips to make you a packing pro including my number one essential - an extension lead!

Be Protected

I’m always shocked when people tell me that they travel without insurance. I just don’t understand why you’d take the risk when anything could happen during your holiday and insurance costs just a few pounds to take away any worry. You can't predict what might go wrong and we can definitely be guilty of under-appreciating the wonder of the NHS and free healthcare in our country. Bupa Global ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong on your holiday, meaning you can enjoy your travels stress-free.

Plan Your Arrival

I tend to research my destinations quite thoroughly before a trip and I've talked before about using Instagram Collections to research a location before I visit. However I don’t tend to create an “itinerary” as I much prefer to piece together inspiration, leaving the trip itself to be a little more flexible, ticking off my "must visits" but also popping into bars or restaurants I recognise from Instagram. For me, it's a good balance between my Amy Santiago need for organisation and my simultaneous desire to "experience everything."

The element I do ensure I plan is the journey from the airport to my accommodation. There’s nothing worse than landing in an unknown city with no idea how to reach your hotel so if you plan nothing else, make sure you know how to take the first few steps without any stress. Then you can enjoy the rest of your holiday!


What are your favourite top tips for preparing for your holiday?


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bupa Global