January 7, 2018

My 2018 Intentions – and a Giveaway!


I know they are cliche, but I do quite like New Year Resolutions. They allow me to refocus on my goals, get motivated and start afresh. However when I asked Instagram what their New Year Resolutions are, Jasmin Charlotte replied that she had no resolutions, but she had 2018 "intentions." I love this so much! The word resolution has become a little tainted over the last few years but looking at intentions instead feels so much more purposeful and likely to succeed. So what are my intentions for 2018?

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A Successful Sleep Routine

Sleep is a struggle for many of us and my challenge for 2018 is to find a great sleep routine. I use a number of products to help me sleep; Benenox to help me relax and drift off with ingredients including B6 to help you recharge, sleep stories on the free Calm app (Stephen Fry is my favourite!) and lavender spray to help me relax. However I've still got a long way to go and I want to use 2018 to finally nail that sleep routine.

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A Positive Attitude

I'm a naturally hugely critical of myself and fixate and struggle to let go of any negative criticism. It's partly what drives me to succeed but I'm also trying to be kinder to myself this year. To help with this, I've downloaded Grid Diary, a simple diary where you submit a sentence each day. You set yourself prompt questions and mine are all focused towards a positive mental attitude, asking questions like "what made me feel happy today?" and "what did I do today to make a difference?" 

I'm also hoping to explore the world of mindfulness. I've started using this part of the Calm app for this as well as sleep, but I'm looking to get involved in some more practical workshops and courses too. 

Do One Thing Better Than Yesterday

There are so many more intentions I could list but part of the reasons resolutions fail is because we simply set the bar too high. I'm trying to focus on small steps, inspired by the British Cycling ethos of "the aggregation of marginal gains" - combined these marginal gains result in big wins and that's how I'm planning to approach 2018.

So my final intention is to do one thing better than yesterday. This could be at work, personal life, this blog, my fitness goals or simply how I treat other people and myself. By focusing on those small steps of improvement, I'm excited for the personal challenge to keep striving for a better life. Yes there will be bad days and failures, but if I can improve just one tiny thing every day, I'm moving in the right direction.

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