April 24, 2016

The Cambridge Gin Festival

Edit August 2018: Unfortunately the Gin Festival has gone into adminstration. Fingers crossed that a new gin event pops up in Cambridge soon!

Two of my favourite words, gin and festival; put them together and you’ve got a special event. When I heard that a Gin Festival was coming to Cambridge, I couldn’t wait, and it seems like the rest of the Cambridge population felt the same way as the event promptly sold out. Luckily I was offered a pair of press tickets for the event so my mum and I headed down on a Friday evening to check out the various gins on offer – over 100 of them!



Entry to the Gin Festival was £8.35 but this included a 2016 Gin Festival glass, a book describing all the gins on offer at the festival, a pen and a badge. I think the glass was worth the ticket price alone and I can’t wait to add the 2017 glass to my new collection!
The glass was used to try out the gins. 4 gins, accompanied by tonic and garnish, cost £20 and worked on a token system, meaning that there was no need to scrabble for change at the bar. This made the process much smoother and I loved that each gin had its own unique garnish, specially chosen to complement the gin. It was a fantastic to try some more unusual gins and we even tried a Palma Violet flavoured gin by Zymurgorium. I also couldn’t resist trying the Cardiff Dry by Eccentric Gins, which was created as a result of a social media competition – we dubbed it the ‘bloggers’ gin’ and it’s the next bottle I plan to buy
Further to the bars, there were six stalls each featuring a different gin, testers and sellers to explain their product. I loved the Masons Yorkshire Tea flavoured gin, which smelt and tasted of Yorkshire Tea, but my Mum hated it – definitely one to try! These stalls gave to the opportunity to try before you buy and it certainly worked, as we went home with a bottle of Cambridge Dry Gin and Sir Robin of Locksley.