October 26, 2016

The Perfect Little Black Dress

I’m not prone to exaggeration here on this blog so I hope you take me seriously when I tell you that today I’m going to share with you the best dress I’ve ever worn. I own a lot of dresses, so the standards are high but this dress from La Redoute is the best thing to hit my wardrobe in a long time.




Dress: c/o La Redoute. Necklace: New Look. Handbag: Marks and Spencers. Shoes: Primark.

First things first, the story of how I got this dress. I attended a blog event with the fab La Redoute – whose events are quickly becoming my favourite events of the year. La Redoute have got their blogger events nailed; they invited a room full of bloggers to a cool Leeds location, give them alcohol, food and let them browse the rails of their clothing. It’s the ultimate girly evening of shopping, drinking and general love for each other’s style and I always try something recommended by another blogger who seems to ‘get’ my style more than I do myself!

The reason I love these events if you see bloggers of all different shapes, sizes and styles try on the same items of clothing and bring their own personality to each item. Lucinda from A Fashion Fictionary of course nailed it when she unbuttoned a vintage maxi dress and wore it as an open jacket – something which would have never crossed my mind but instantly made the dress perfect for Lucinda and her super cool style.

The thing I also love about these events is seeing the clothes in reality makes such a difference. If I had only seen my dress online, I must admit I would have scrolled past without a second’s thought. Now I know the great range and quality of La Redoute, it’s quickly becoming one of my must-visits whenever I need a new outfit for special occasion.

As soon as I tried this black dress on, I knew I had found my ‘dress match.’ The waist fits me perfectly, the shape is so flattering, I love the hem length and detail and can we please appreciate the fact I have a cleavage for the first time in my life. I did tell you it was the best dress I’ve ever worn!

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